Our new line of ultra HD 4K resolution IP cameras just blow everything else out of the water with the amount of built-in features, such as smart Infrared, corridor mode for narrow passageways, WDR wide dynamic range to block excess back lighting, ONVIF compatibility and can be powered via one cable using POE technology.

This robust entry into ultra high definition resolutions brings in a total picture quality of 3840x2160 pixels, about 4x the quality of traditional 1080P. Night vision automatically switches the full color of daylight recording to black and white when there's not enough light, making it easier to spot smaller details in the darkness. Each camera is completely weatherized, allowing for use outdoors or in, for anything from general coverage of your business or home to more specific areas such as a front door, gate or driveway.

Internet protocol (IP) cameras have come a long way in recent years, becoming very simple to install and set up for the end-user. Power over ethernet (POE) tech sends not only the power but also the video signal through one thin CAT5 to be received by your network or NVR (network video recorder), making installation as easy as plugging it in.