What are the Benefits of Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)? - Buyers Guide

WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range and it solves a very common installation problem that many people face when putting up their cameras.

Excessive back lighting will cause the image coming from a security camera to darken and make the footage unusable. This occurs when installing a camera in a position where the subjects it will be monitoring will have a lot of light coming from behind them. This happens often times in retail storefronts with a lot of windows, or as another example it often happens in warehouses where the camera will be looking at a bay door. The light coming in from the windows/bay doors will cause the person to become completely unrecognizable.

The solution is WDR. Wide Dynamic Range cuts through the excessive back lighting greatly improving image quality. This technology has completely revolutionized the camera industry and image quality overall. You can now install cameras freely and get the best shot possible with no drawbacks.

Wide Dynamic Range can make a huge difference in the quality of the image. Something to keep in mind is that all WDR is not created equal; there is hardware based WDR and software based. A hardware based WDR is the best method because there is a physical chip filtering the image to remove the back lighting. Software based WDR utilizes technology to artificially lighten dark areas to improve quality. Most manufacturers acknowledge that hardware based WDR is better and will often rename software based WDR to "BLC" which stands for "Back Light Compensation". It's an inferior method of removing the effects of too much back lighting but it is better than nothing.

Higher end cameras have started to all come with some form of WDR to improve quality. However you do need to be mindful of camera choice depending on its' mounting location. Also, even though the camera may come equipped with WDR it is rarely turned on by default. So if you have a high end camera and your image quality isn't looking great I would recommend checking your cameras' menu to see if WDR is turned on.

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