Surveillance Cameras - Field of View Guide

Field of View is often overlooked when designing a CCTV Security System since it's usually not very clear and people just assume that all cameras see the same ranges. The thing you need to understand is that no two models are the same when it comes to the field of view that they capture in.

The field of view is represented in the milometer length of the lens. You'll see this listed as a number followed by a double “m,” such as 2.8mm. Generally speaking, the lower that number the wider the field of view is going to be. Now the problem here is that there are more factors involved with how wide of view the camera will receive than just the lens. The image sensor and chipset of the camera also factor in.

What this means is that you could have two 2.8mm cameras by different manufacturers and they would produce two completely different fields of view. This leads to confusion in the market since it's hard to know what you're getting some times.

When designing a surveillance system for your home or business it's important to know exactly what the camera is going to cover prior to installation. This way you can choose the right camera to get the job done properly. The only way to do it is dive deep into the specifications of the camera and find out exactly what the field of view is in degrees. That is an absolute measurement. Look out for manufacturers that claim their cameras have super wide field of views and when you look at the specifications you'll see the cameras barely produce a 70 degree field of view which is not very wide at all.

Any serious security company will have all of the field of views that their cameras produce listed prominently to ensure you get matched with the correct camera.

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