Bullets VS Domes - Surveillance Cameras Body Style Guide and Review

There are of course many different styles of cameras, but the two most popular shapes are Bullets and Domes. Within each style there is variation, such as an Armor Dome, Turret Dome and Vandal Dome. Since they all have the same fundamental design I will refer to them all as just “Domes.”

Allow me to start with Bullets. These are by far the most iconic symbol of camera, in fact I would be willing to bet that a bullet style camera comes to mind when you first think of the word 'camera'. This is because there is no mistaking its' design. Since they are so recognizable they naturally have the ability to deter crime just by their sight.

A Bullet camera is by far the most popular style of camera for commercial businesses, and this is for a number of reasons. First, the fact that it's very sight can deter crime helps a lot; but mostly it's because of the versatility that the mounting arm offers. Bullet cameras unique mounting arm design allows this camera to be mounted in a vast majority of locations and adapt to anything from mounting against an exterior wall to get a perfect sight-line down the side of the building or even mounting from the ceiling of a warehouse. Anyone that has installed a Bullet style camera will tell you how easy it is. There is a drawback to the design, however. Since the camera protrudes out from the wall so far it opens the camera up to vandalism, which isn't hard to get around though since most installers will recommend installing the camera high enough to stay out of range of vandalism but low enough where the camera can be serviced by ladder height, generally no more than 13-15 feet.

I will be the first to admit that the design of a Bullet camera leaves much to be desired. I mean, who would want a giant camera hanging off their home, or inside their business? When aesthetics is a consideration, I would recommend a Dome.

Dome cameras are mostly used indoors and on homes. They are by far the more aesthetically pleasing of the two. Virtually any homeowner will tell you that they would prefer to have a dome hanging down from their eve than a bullet camera. This actually works out very well since the camera will be most likely mounted less than 10ft from the ground, Dome style cameras are more resistant to vandalism; some designs like the Vandal Dome can even withstand direct strikes from would-be criminals.

Installing a Dome is more difficult than installing a Bullet style camera because the screws are hidden beneath the base of the camera, this isn't to say that it's extremely hard to install but there is a noticeable difference when perched on a ladder.

When it comes to performance, such as resolution and frames per second, there isn't going to be a difference between these two styles. A notable mention is that the design of a Bullet camera does allow for additional models that have extremely long telephoto lenses for extreme optical zoom.

If your question is: Which is better? Then my answer would be that one isn't really better than the other, and I would tell you that when choosing a style of camera it should be based on where the camera will be and where/how the camera will be mounted. Unless you got your camera system out of a box then it's extremely rare to use all the same style of camera on a job.

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