VOSKER V200 LTE Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Solar Panel

  • Free 30 days of unlimited photos and alert.
  • Free 30 days of unlimited photos and alert.
  • Mounts simply to practically anything with mounting bracket and included strap.
  • 42 built in LEDs for night use.
  • Weather-resistant housing, allows for it to be used anywhere outdoors.
  • Records video and photos in full 1080P.
  • Solar panel recharges built in lithium battery.
  • 1/4'-20 tripod mount built into the bottom of the device.
  • 7-day schedule setup via iPhone and Android.
  • Detects motion up to 100ft.
  • Fast LTE transmission depending on cell phone coverage in the area.


VOSKER V200 LTE Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Solar Panel

Product #9008


Security cameras are becoming necessary in many locations for a variety of reasons, be it an increase in vandalism, watching over too-quickly dwindling stock, or just to watch over your own properties. This VOSKER series of portable surveillance cameras has proven themselves to be an incredible set of products with many accessory options available. The V200 LTE Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Solar Panel , an independently operated 1080p photo/video surveillance cam, comes with a SIM card already activated with LTE connectivity wherever there is cellular coverage within Canada or the USA, allowing the device to send notifications and photographs to your smartphone whenever the on-board motion detection system notices movement in the area. You may also log into the system via your computer!

This wireless system operates off of a cellular network, with different service plans available. Contracts for these plans are on a month-to-month basis, with no deactivation fees or lumped annual payments. Plans are priced according to the features desired, with the least expensive option being completely free! Upgraded plans are able to receive more notifications, store more photographs for longer periods and can utilize a special artificial intelligence meant to differentiate between motion detection of no importance vs motion from a person or a vehicle. At setup, a 7 day trial initiates that permits access to all the features of the app, so you can get a better understanding of how much motion the camera will detect and trigger off of in any location you place it and you can pick the plan that would best suit your needs. If your needs change, you can always upgrade to the next tier plan. 


The V200 has a greatly improved battery life over the V100, thanks to the solar panel built inside that couples with either a bank of 8x AA Lithium-ion batteries or the VOSKER Rechargeable Battery for V100 and V200 made just for these units, which lasts up to three times as long as the Li-ion batteries, with the battery length of either option determined by the amount of movement happening in front of the device. Being used out in a field watching for illegal hunting on your property would have fewer motion triggers than if the surveillance unit was set up at a crossroads in a town just due to traffic, for example. If you were to use the V200 for general coverage around your house or anyplace else you can get electrical power, you may even use our regulated 5Amp 12 Volt DC Power Supply, after taking out the batteries, to provide it a continuous charge.

The weatherproofing of this surveillance camera is rated at IP65, marking it as water resistant ( up to a low-pressure spray from a nozzle 6.3mm wide ) and fully dust-tight, so you won't need to worry about it if it's placed out in the rain or on a dusty dirt trail. The stout, rugged body enables you to place the device just about anywhere within cell coverage, as long as the unit won't experience temperatures outside of the range of -40° - 104° F ( -40° - 40° C ).  

The V200 has all the same features as the V100 model, including a solar panel to help lengthen the battery life, the ability to record sound and a view screen on the body itself to quickly alter some settings. The PIR heat sensor motion detection system will trigger a recording only on a warm body or vehicle moving past it and will not activate off of wind blowing around the tree branches or trash floating around. The sensor has three different zones that can be activated or deactivated to fine tune the angle of detection, which is great if the field of detection is wider than you need and you want to look at a specific spot. You will be able to schedule your recordings, for any period of time during any day of the week if you only need it working during specific times, or set the record mode to Time Lapse for set intervals of picture taking or to snap a photo before it starts collecting video. Infrared ( IR ) is crucial for recording at night, and this surveillance camera has low-glow infrared so that it would be barely noticeable to trespassers and robbers prowling around at night. Any police station, game warden's office or private investigator would find this helpful in their investigations, or it can help you with mounting a faster response if anything were happening to your remote cabin or property.  

If you don't feel like getting constant updates from the camera, you can schedule the device to upload the photographs it captures to a cloud server at certain times for you to review on the VOSKER application, later. However, you may be using this surveillance system to notify you of any movement at all at the time it happens, which is still an available option. Everything, from the pictures to the videos captured, are saved onto an SD card that will need to be mounted inside. While the camera cannot send the 1080p videos over the cellular network, they will be stored on the SD card up to the point where the space is needed again for new recordings. These wireless cams come with an 8GB to get you a good start, though the maximum capacity they can handle is a 32GB card. 


This is the upgraded wireless security camera from the VOSKER family, coupling a built-in solar panel and rechargeable battery with all of the great features and benefits from the V100, such as connectivity almost anywhere within the USA and Canada, as long as there is cell coverage, high-definition photo taking and 1080p video resolution recording, time and date stamping of each event captured, along with all the features of the cloud server application, depending on the service plan you've picked. Available from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, the AI inside the VOSKER application is a fantastic tool that looks specifically for people and vehicles within your photos to bring you only the necessary information. Even the basic, unpaid app service can enable the camera to be a simple tool to watch over your classic vehicles or to watch over remote property, though the paid app can be very useful to any sheriff's department, human trafficking or stray animal advocacy group or other investigative body for outdoor surveillance in areas without power. 

Even though this unit is meant to be utilized outdoors, VOSKER is proud to provide a 2 year warranty for the functionality of their cameras, which shows how much faith they have in their product! Solar charged and battery powered security cams with this level of dedication in the build are hard to come by, and the fact that there is a no-cost solution to remote viewing of the target environment is especially nice.  


  • GPS geotagging
  • HD photo resolution
  • Cellular transmission of photographs
  • VOSKER app set up for Android or iPhone
  • 1920 x 1080p video capture
  • IP65 dust-tight, water resistant ingress protection rating
  • Low-glow night vision IR's ( infrared )
  • Battery / Solar powered, option to be powered locally using a 12vlt 5amp power supply
  • 42 built in LED's for night time operations
  • Color photos by day and black and white images by night with IR
  • Date and time stamp with moon phase and temperature
  • Multi-shot mode with 3 photos per detection triggered
  • Blur reduction technology
  • 100ft flash range
  • Up to 100ft detection range
  • 1 Sensor for a total of 5 detection zones
  • Full HD video recording from 10's to 90's (1080P)
  • Supports up to a 32GB class 10 SD card.
  • Built in solar panel & rechargeable battery
  • Preactivated SIM card included
  • Free 7 days of unlimited photos and alerts


  • Free Plan: Up to 100 Photos a month, Basic App, 7-day photo history, free with camera
  • Basic $10/Month: Up to 500 Photos a month, VOSKER® AI Tools, 30-day photo history, Month-to-Month
  • Alerted $15/Month: Everything included with Basic Plan + Storage of up to 1000 photographs a month and unlimited photo history
  • Unlimited $20/Month: Everything included with Alerted Plan + Unlimited photo storage each month



  • VOSKER V100 4G Security Camera
  • Pre-activated SIM card ( Mounted )
  • 8GB SD Card
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Strap
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


    • Requires 8x AA Lithium-ion batteries or the VOSKER Rechargeable Battery for V100 and V200
    • Internal Battery: 4000 mAh lithium 
    • Accepts up to 32GB SD Class 10 SD card
    • Photo Resolution: Full HD 1920×1080 on SD Card and 600×338 on Mobile App
    • File Format: .jpg
    • Video Resolution: 1080p @ 10fps
    • Video File Format: AVI
    • Sound Recording: Yes
    • Detection System: PIR
    • Detection Angle: 50°
    • Detection Range: 100ft
    • Operating Temp: -40° - 104° F ( -40° - 40° C )
    • Ingress Protection: IP65
    • Night vision angle: 45°
    • Night vision flash range: 100ft
    • Dimensions: 4.12” W x 3.25” D x 5.25” H
    • SIM Card: Included, pre-activated
    • Synchronization Frequency: 1/day, 2/day, 6/day, 12/day or each detection
    • GPS Localisation System: Yes
    • Camera Configuration: Web or Mobile App
    • Trial Period: 7 days unlimited photos to test all the features


    Q: What is the battery life?
    A: This will be variable depending on the amount of motion the surveillance cam will see, but it will be bolstered by the built-in solar panel. If the bank of 8x AA Lithium-ion batteries is not lasting as long as you need for your use, perhaps you'll need the rechargeable battery pack, which is rated to last 3x longer than the bank of AA batteries with the same frequency of motion detection.

    Q: Where can I place this unit for the best cell coverage?
    A: The coverage map within the product pictures should give you a general understanding of where it can be placed, but if you are not able to receive a good signal in this particular spot, the External Long Range Cellular Antenna may be helpful to bring the signal above the trees or out of an alleyway. 

    Q: Is there a way to lock the device?
    A: In the back are three holes designed for the 6ft security lock accessory, to pass through, but there may be other locking mechanism options that would fit. 

    Q: Is there a way to protect the V100 from vandals?
    A: The manufacturers sell a steel security enclosure, which we also carry and can also be utilized with the security lock and the camera's included mounting bracket.