ProActive Security Cameras

800VA UPS Battery Backup

  • Built in overload protection.
  • Built in overload protection.
  • 480 joules spike protection.
  • Replaceable lead acid battery.
  • Surge protection and back up power for any situation.

ProActive Security Cameras

800VA UPS Battery Backup

Product #4433


Power outages are one of the worst things that can happen to a security system, as there can spikes in power that overload and just ruin everything connected to continuous power, and of course they will happen right when you need your security system the most. Even though a power outage should be rare, it will happen eventually.

Plan ahead for such an event with our Powercom UPS Battery Backup. This device would allow for up to four devices to be hooked up for power, such as your NVR, a computer and a monitor, while keeping them powered for a bit when your area experiences a brown-out. It has other connections, such as a RS-232 to connect with a computer where you would monitor the status of the battery (with software installed on the included CD), and a telephone line pass-through. Another great thing about the device is that the battery inside is replaceable! Even without the included software, you can still know the status of the battery by watching the color on the built-in LED or listen to the pattern of beeps to know if it is being used as backup at the moment, if the battery is low or if it has experienced an overload. It has automatic protections against power drops and spikes, which saves the hassle of advanced calibration.

For a camera system with 4 cam's attached, you would probably have about a half hour to forty-five minutes of back up power, depending on if anything else is plugged into the battery. This would enable a system to still capture images of an intruder that had cut the power or even keep the monitor working as well so you can watch and safely go out the back door as they come in the front. Even if you just use this as backup  power for your computer, it allows you to quickly save the files you had been working on so data isn't lost.


  • 3 Outlets + 1 Surge Protection
  • Landline Telephone Pass-through
  • CD with Battery Backup Software
  • 110V/220V Input Usage
  • Auto Voltage Regulation
  • Spike Protection
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Overload Protection


  • 800VA UPS Battery Backup
  • Telephone Cable
  • RS-232 Cable
  • Software Disk
  • User Manual
  • 2 Years Manufactures Warranty on the Device
  • 1 Year Manufactures Warranty on the Rechargeable Battery


  • Input Capacity: 800VA
  • Input Voltage 100V, 110V, 115V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V
  • Input Frequency: 50 or 60Hz + / - 10% (auto sensing)
  • Output Voltage (Backup Mode) : Simulated sine wave at 100V, 110V, 115V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V + / - 5%
  • Output Frequency (Backup Mode) : 50 or 60Hz + / - 1Hz
  • Output Transfer Time: 2.4 milliseconds, including detection time
  • Spike Protection: 480 Joules, 2ms
  • Overload Protection: UPS automatic power off if overload exceeds 110% of nominal at 60s and 130% at 3s
  • Short Circuit: UPS output cut off immediately or input fuse protection
  • Battery Type: Replaceable sealed lead acid batteries
  • Battery Typical Recharge Time: 6 hours to 90% of full capacity
  • Battery Auto Discharge protection
  • Battery DC Voltage: 12V

Backup Time

  • Battery Backup Time (Full Load): 6 minutes
  • Battery Backup Time (Half Load): 13 minutes


  • Weight: 15.9lbs
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 12.8 x 5.3inches


  • Battery Backup: Slow beeping sound
  • Battery Low: Rapid beeping sound
  • Overload: Continuous beeping sound


Q: What happens to my devices when I experience a brown-out and they're connected to this device?
A: This unit is meant to keep your devices still powered so data isn't lost, such as for a camera system or a computer.

Q: How many ports does it have for plug-ins?
A: It has four ports to plug in other devices.

Q: Will it notify me if it is needing a new battery?
A: Yes, it will tell you via the Alarm Beeps and/or via the computer software if you have it tied to the computer.

Q: How often would I need to change the battery?
A: With standard use, they should last between 3-6 years.