ProActive Security Cameras

4K Ultra 12 Channel IP NVR Surveillance Camera System with 12 Cameras

  • The perfect solution for your home or business.
  • The perfect solution for your home or business.
  • Log in and see your cameras from anywhere in the world.
  • Mini bullet camera, perfect for indoor and outdoor coverage.
  • Turret cam with 118 degree field of view.
  • Simple to use and install.
  • Comes with everything needed to install this CCTV kit.
  • Great for commercial applications, indoors or outdoors.
  • Fully weatherized turret dome.

ProActive Security Cameras

4K Ultra 12 Channel IP NVR Surveillance Camera System with 12 Cameras

Product #8170


Nothing beats being proactive about your security before something bad happens. Presented here is our 12 camera package that only contains some of the highest quality 4K cameras on the market, which provide such a clear image at 3840x2160 pixels it's like looking through a freshly cleaned window. It includes all the Cat5-E cable you'll need to simply plug each of the cameras into the built-in POE ports on the back of this 16 Channel, true 4K NVR and get set up for protection.

4K resolution provides a truly phenomenal picture quality, nearly four times that of traditional 1080p, and each of the cameras in this package are capable to that amazing clarity. With this package, you have an option of Bullet or Turret style cameras. Bullets are made for poking out from under an eave of a house or awning, whereas Turrets are meant for the flat walls and ceilings found at commercial buildings. Our 4K line of cameras come with fixed lenses. Ingress protection on the cams is rated at IP67, which states that the housing is resistant to dust and water penetration, so feel free to place these cameras outdoors, too.

The cameras are actually powered by that single Cat5-E cable being plugged into the Power-Over-Ethernet port at the network video recorder, which makes this a true plug-and-play system. We've included a 2TB HDD, though the system can handle up to two 8TB HDD's, giving a total potential storage of 16TB. Everything is recorded based on various triggers such as motion activation, face detection, tripwire and intrusion detection or just continuously recorded. There is also a watermark feature available to keep problem employees or others from tampering with the video footage. Once the NVR is networked with your internet router, you can log in from your smartphone app or computer program to see a live feed, playback historical footage and download the recordings.


Many manufacturers say their system can record in 4K resolution, but you do not learn until after the purchase that only one camera can actually see in 4K while all the others are downgraded to something unrecognizable. This is a shady sales tactic, and one we do not condone. We have done all the testing ourselves so we can definitively say to you, our valued customers, that yes, our systems do record in full, clear, crisp and delightful 3840x2160P 4K resolution, and they are amazing.

Included in this package of professional CCTV equipment are 12 rolls of 100ft Cat5-E cable to hook up all your 12 4K cameras to the 16 channel NVR. The electrical devices will also come with an industry-leading 3 year warranty, which also helps with being proactive about your security.


You have the ability to upgrade either your fixed lens turret dome camera or bullet cameras to 2.8-12mm vari-focal lenses. This will give you a wider field of view over the fixed lens models that come standard with this kit. This is a great upgrade options because it allows for you to cover more area, or zoom in on a door where people enter and leave a building allowing for cleaner images of who is coming and going.


If you're having problems designing your systems don't worry, we've got your back. We offer a free design consultation, simply submit your address along with a blue print if available here and we can help layout your system to be as efficient as possible. If your new to surveillance systems take a moment to read our security system buyers guide.


  • 16Ch NVR capable of recording in true UHD on every channel
  • Comes with 12 x 100ft Premade CAT5E cables
  • 4K ultra fixed bullet cameras or domes
  • 2TB surveillance drive
  • Built in POE
  • Peace of mind
  • Free fast shipping
  • Free US based tech support
  • No hidden monthly fees
  • Free App for your smartphone
  • See your security cameras live anywhere




    Q: How is the system powered?
    A: The NVR provides power to the cams through 12 built-in POE ports, while being plugged into a regular wall socket, itself.

    Q: How many cameras does the system support?
    A: The NVR supports up to 16.

    Q: How long will the system archive video for?
    A: That depends on the resolution of the cameras and the size of your hard drive along with if the system records based upon motion or continuously records. You can use our HDD calculator to estimate record times.

    Q: Do the cameras have night vision?
    A: Yes, they are all equipped with IR night vision, up to about 98ft depending on the scene.

    Q: Can I see my system remotely?
    A: Yes, the NVR can be networked and you are able to view the cams from your smart phone, tablet or computers.

    Q: Does this system record audio?
    A: The NVR can record up to 4 channels of audio, however the kit does not include microphones.

    Q: How hard is setup?
    A: It's as easy as plugging in the cable. There is no setup since the NVR and Cams both support DHCP.

    Q: Can I customize what comes with this package?
    A: Yes, you can mix and match them in any quantity. You may also chose your HDD size at checkout.