ProActive Security Cameras

4K Ultra IP Security Camera System with 6 Cameras and NVR

  • Complete do it yourself surveillance kit.
  • Complete do it yourself surveillance kit.
  • Remote view your cameras from anywhere in the world.
  • True high def 4K ultra video camera.
  • Perfect for you house, indoors or outdoors.
  • This kit comes with everything necessary to install your system.
  • A perfect security solution for your home or business.
  • Fully weatherized to withstand hot and cold climates.
  • Use this camera inside or outside.

ProActive Security Cameras

4K Ultra IP Security Camera System with 6 Cameras and NVR

Product #8080


With a super high quality of 4k resolution, this camera package will offer six 4K resolution security cameras with the ability to choose between the two separate camera designs, those being Bullets and Turret style cameras. Considering the breathtaking picture quality, this camera package has opened up the possibilities of a "basic" security system beyond belief. Whether it is for a home or business, this package will give you the overall mental ease we all need due to the simple fact of knowing that your home/business is being secured by some of the best/highest resolution cameras on the market!

Offering six of our 4K quality cameras, this camera package includes all of the basic necessities when it comes down to getting a CCTV system up and running. What really separates this camera system from a lot of the other ones you will see out and about is going to be the physical recording ability. Offering a recording resolution of 4K (3840x2160); this is one of the highest resolution's available on the market! Having a high recording quality can be a advantage in many cases, whether that is just keeping a eye on your mail box to see who's been messing with your mail or even cases like keeping a eye on your car so you can make sure no one messes with it and if they did, well you'll have a magnificent video recording of that allowing you to turn that over to your local Police department in hopes to catch the bad guy!

When determining if this package will fit your needs, keep in mind some factors that may help in your decision making process. The first factor to keep in mind will be the overall recording capability: since it is 4K resolution this will be one of the highest recording resolutions available on today's market. There are plenty of advantages to having such a high resolution, other then the overall clarity it will allow you to make out specific details such as facial recognition shots. The overall user friendliness of the system is a wonderful feature as well, considering the NVR and cameras are going to be 100% plug and play, which makes the setup very straight forward and easy to understand. Since we also offer the ability to choose between the different camera styles, I will break down some of the advantages to the separate bullet and turret cameras. Bullet cameras are generally going to be used for long shots, due to their style they can easily be mounted to achieve that type of a field of view which can be great for driveways, parking lots etc.. Turret cameras are going to be for more general coverage shots, they are easily mounted under a eave or in a office room allowing you to achieve that type of coverage.


The information being recorded through the cameras will be saved onto a NVR (network video recorder). This NVR is going to be POE based and will be able to support a single internal hard drive with a maximum size of 8TB. Through this NVR you will be able to view your cameras either directly from a monitor via the HDMI output or through the live view accessibility which allows you to view your camera system remotely via either your cell phone or a computer. The built in POE allows you to power the cameras directly through the NVR without needing a separate power supply for your cams.


You have the ability to upgrade either your fixed lens turret dome camera or bullet cameras to 2.8-12mm vari-focal lenses. This will give you a wider field of view over the fixed lens models that come standard with this kit. This is a great upgrade options because it allows for you to cover more area, or zoom in on a door where people enter and leave a building allowing for cleaner images of who is coming and going.


If you're having problems designing your systems don't worry, we've got your back. We offer a free design consultation, simply submit your address along with a blue print if available here and we can help layout your system to be as efficient as possible. If your new to surveillance systems take a moment to read our security system buyers guide.


  • Includes 6 x 100ft premade Cat5E cable's
  • 4K ultra fixed bullet cameras or domes
  • 2TB surveillance drive
  • Built in POE
  • Peace of mind
  • Free fast shipping
  • Free US based tech support
  • No hidden monthly fees
  • Free App for your smartphone
  • See your security cameras live anywhere




    Q: How do the cameras receive power?
    A: The cameras will get there power directly through the recorder using the built in POE (power over ethernet)

    Q: How many cameras can I attach to the system?
    A: Since the NVR included will be a 8ch, you will be able to do up to 8 cameras on the NVR.

    Q: How long of a recording time frame will I get?
    A: Depending on the recording resolution, the hard drive size and whether or not the system is recording continuously or based off of motion will determine the overall recording span. We do offer a HDD calculator to estimate out the record time.

    Q: Do the cameras offered have built in night vision?
    A: Yes, they all have built in IR LED's which can see up to roughly 98ft at night.

    Q: Can I see my cameras live from my cellphone?
    A: Yes, the NVR can be connected to your home network allowing you to login and see the system when you are away from the home.

    Q: Does this NVR support audio?
    A: The NVR can support a single audio input, which is not included in the kit.

    Q: Can I customize what comes with this camera system?
    A: Yes, you can pick and choose between the cameras in any variation. You will be able to choose the Internal HDD size as well.