ProActive Security Cameras

4K Ultra 32 Channel IP NVR Surveillance Camera System with 32 Cameras

  • This security kit comes with everything needed to get it installed right the first time.
  • This security kit comes with everything needed to get it installed right the first time.
  • View your system live anytime anyplace you have internet.
  • Small bullet cam, perfect for you house.
  • Miniature dome security cam. Perfect for your business or warehouse.
  • Upgrade to vari focal lens cams.
  • Simple set up allows for fast and easy installation.
  • Easy to mount, 4 screws and your done.
  • Great for homes or business applications. Use indoors or outdoors.

ProActive Security Cameras

4K Ultra 32 Channel IP NVR Surveillance Camera System with 32 Cameras

Product #8230


Securing a large facility or building can be challenging, and this is where our completely 4K 32 camera system comes in. This premium camera package comes with everything you'll need to secure even large buildings; the number of cameras included with this package along with the ultra high definition cameras means that you will be able to see every inch clearly giving you peace of mind from insurance claims, break ins and shrink problems.

Every camera included in this system produces an amazing 4K resolution at the same time. This UHD system produces 4x the resolution of other 1080P HD packages out there, that is amazing for security because it means that you'll be able to cover and protect more per cam with incredible detail, whether that is a persons face, a license plate or to cover high risk theft areas.


This system gives you the ability to choose between a turret and bullet style camera. Both options have fixed lenses, built in enhanced IR night vision and come equipped with smart IR, hallway mode, wide dynamic range for back light compensation along with other advanced features which make these cameras truly next generation. How you can easily determine which of these styles is best for you is by picking them based on the type of coverage you need; turret cams are best for general coverage for wide angles because they offer a wider field of view, they are perfect for indoor or out use. A bullet cam is mostly used outside because of how they mount up, they have a narrow field of view which is great to monitor something specific, like a walkway, door, driveway etc.

Included with this system is an incredibly powerful 32Ch network video recorder that is capable of recording all 32 4K cameras at once with no sacrifice on video quality. This is the main unit that will control everything, all of the cameras feed into this system through your network and it connects to a computer monitor or TV through either of its' two built-in HDMI connectors. The system supports up to 4 3.5” SATA hard drives internally, with up to 8TB each for a total of 32TB. This NVR is capable of remote view through your smart phone, tablet or computer once connected to the Internet.


To power and connect your cameras to the network this package comes with two 16Ch POE switches. They come equipped with duo gigabit ports for increased bandwidth and reliability. Each port supports up to 30W of power and follows the 802.3af/at standard for a total of 250W across the entire switch.


You have the ability to upgrade either your fixed lens turret dome camera or bullet cameras to 2.8-12mm vari-focal lenses. This will give you a wider field of view over the fixed lens models that come standard with this kit. This is a great upgrade options because it allows for you to cover more area, or zoom in on a door where people enter and leave a building allowing for cleaner images of who is coming and going.


Is designing your own security camera system got you down? Proactive Security cameras offers a complimentary design service, simply submit your address along with a blue print here and we will help layout a security system based on whats important to you. If your new to surveillance systems take a moment to read our security system buyers guide.


  • 32 x 100ft premade Cat5E cables
  • 4K ultra fixed bullet cameras or domes
  • 2TB surveillance drive
  • 16Ch Gigabit POE switch x 2
  • 32Ch network video recorder
  • Peace of mind
  • Free fast shipping
  • Free US based tech support
  • No hidden monthly fees
  • Free App for your smartphone
  • See your security cameras live anywhere




    Q: How do the cameras receive power?
    A: The system comes with 2 POE switches that will power all the cameras

    Q: What is the maximum number of cameras the system supports?
    A: You can connect up to 32 4k cams

    Q: How far back can I watch video?
    A: It all depends on the size of the hard drive, frame rate and whether or not you have the cams recording based upon motion or continuously. We have a HDD calculator which can help estimate recording times.

    Q: Can they see at night?
    A: Absolutely, all cams come standard with IR night vision.

    Q: Can I monitor my system remotely?
    A: Once you connect the NVR to the internet you can pull up your cameras from your smartphone, tablet and computers remotely.

    Q: What is the maximum cable length?
    A: The standard is 100m, however our advanced systems allow up to 350m for a total of a little over 1,000 feet as long as you're using our systems with our Cams.

    Q: Do the cams record audio?
    A: They do not have a built in mic however they do support external microphones.

    Q: Will I have a hard time setting this thing up?
    A: No, we have made it as easy as possible with written guides and videos for just about anything you could need. If you do have a question we are available via telephone to answer any questions you may have.

    Q: Can I change whats included with the package?
    A: Yes, not only can you choose the style of the cam but you can also choose the HDD size as well. If you need to further customize the package you can contact us and we would be glad to build you a custom quote.