ProActive Security Cameras

4K Ultra 10 Channel IP NVR Surveillance Camera System with 10 Cameras

  • This security kit comes with everything needed to get it installed right the first time.
  • This security kit comes with everything needed to get it installed right the first time.
  • View anytime or anyplace from your smartphone.
  • Miniature 4K bullet cam.
  • High def 4K resolution
  • A great surveillance kit for commercial warehouses.
  • Log into your camera kit via your tablet, smartphone or computer desktop.
  • Perfect for home or business applications.
  • Use this camera indoor or outdoors.

ProActive Security Cameras

4K Ultra 10 Channel IP NVR Surveillance Camera System with 10 Cameras

Product #8140


With a UHD recording resolution of 4K, the 10 cameras offered in this camera package are changing the security industry as we speak. Offering the ability to pick between our two separate camera styles, Bullets or Turrets, both have advantages over the other but offer the same amazing 4K recording ability. Being able to clearly make out and see what is going on around either your home or business is the whole purpose to a security system, and this camera package embodies that exactly. Considering how simple the system is to setup and the overall recording capabilities the system has to offer, this package is perfect for almost every home/business application.

Including ten of our UHD 4K cameras, this camera package has everything needed to get your security system setup. Most everyone simply wants a camera package that has phenomenal recording quality, and if that's the case you've come to the right place. These cameras offer some of the highest recording ability available on today's market, especially considering this is 4x the recording resolution of your average 1080P HD setup! Through this system you will be able to clearly see what is going on around your home/business, for either basic general coverage type of shots or even for some as serious as watching a cash register.

When interested in a camera package what are some things we should look for specifically when deciding if this system will work for our needs, you may ask? When looking into a cam system here are a few things to keep in mind: field of view, recording resolution and the physical camera style, due to mounting purposes. We offer 2 separate cam styles, those being Bullets and Turrets, and both styles have their applications dependent on those questions above. Bullets are great for long distance types of shots, such as if you were wanting to watch the side of your home, pick a bullet so you can key in the specific shot to accurately cover what is needed. Turret cameras due to their style are great on a wall or inside of a office space for example because of the way you can mount the camera which can allow you to get the field of view needed for that specific area. Since both cameras have the same recording resolution the big deciding factor in most cases is simply going to be where you are putting the physical camera. Another huge plus to this package is the fact that it is a IP camera system, and that it is 100% plug and play based allowing the system to be very easily setup.


For this camera package all of the recorded information will be stored directly to the internal hard drive inside of the NVR (network video recorder). When purchasing this system we give you the ability to chose the different hard drive sizes dependent on the amount of record time you are looking to get, since this will be a 16CH NVR the recorder can support 2 hard drive bays with a maximum storage of 8TB per. You will have the ability to view your cameras remotely either from a computer or cellphone, either that or you can do a direct HDMI into a monitor for viewing purposes directly from the recorder. With built in POE this NVR is making your life easier due to the fact that you will not need a separate power supply for the cameras, meaning the cameras will be able to receive power through the Cat5E cable as well as transmit the video feed back to the NVR to be recorded.


You have the ability to upgrade either your fixed lens turret dome camera or bullet cameras to 2.8-12mm vari-focal lenses. This will give you a wider field of view over the fixed lens models that come standard with this kit. This is a great upgrade options because it allows for you to cover more area, or zoom in on a door where people enter and leave a building allowing for cleaner images of who is coming and going.


If you're having problems designing your systems don't worry, we've got your back. We offer a free design consultation, simply submit your address along with a blue print if available here and we can help layout your system to be as efficient as possible. If your new to surveillance systems take a moment to read our security system buyers guide.


  • 16Ch NVR capable of recording in true UHD on every channel
  • Comes with 10 x 100ft premade CAT5E cables
  • 4K ultra fixed bullet cameras or domes
  • 2TB surveillance drive
  • Built in POE
  • Peace of mind
  • Free fast shipping
  • Free US based tech support
  • No hidden monthly fees
  • Free App for your smartphone
  • See your security cameras live anywhere




    Q: How do you power the system?
    A: The NVR will plug into the wall for consistent power. The cameras will be powered through the NVR also, using the built in POE (power over Ethernet)

    Q: How many cameras can the system support?
    A: Since the NVR included will be a 16ch, you will be able to do up to 16 cameras on the NVR.

    Q: How long of a recording time frame will I get?
    A: Depending on the recording resolution, the hard drive size and whether or not the system is recording continuously or based off of motion will determine the overall recording span. We do offer a HDD calculator to estimate out the record time.

    Q: Can the cameras see in the dark?
    A: Yes, they all have built in IR LED's which can see up to about 98ft depending on lighting conditions.

    Q: Can I Live view my cameras?
    A: Yes, the NVR can be connected to your home network allowing you to view the system when you are away from the home.

    Q: Can I record audio?
    A: The Network Video Recorder can support a single audio input, which is not included in the kit.

    Q: Can I customize what comes with this camera system?
    A: Yes, you have the option to pick and choose between the different camera styles and You will be able to customize the Internal HDD size as well.